Hey, I’ve Got A Book

It’s the appointed day, and the good folks at Rebellion Publishing via their imprint Solaris Books,  have finally made their announcement:

The Chimera Code officially unveiled its cover! Behold its cyberpunk yellowness!

Cloke is a 22nd-century combat mage with her combined arms team of cyborgs and hackers.  Hurled fireballs, running gun battles and hacking of networks and sims ensue in a story of corporate warfare. If you’ve ever wondered what happens when a wizard and a cyborg get into a fight, I try to answer that question with multiple permutations. And explosions. So many explosions…

The novel has multiple release dates thanks to the bizarre times we live in. The eBook launches in July for people that like reading digitally. The print novel releases in November for people that still love the feel of paper in their hands. There’s an audiobook coming as well, but the release date on that is still TBD.

If you’re interested in reading the book in advance and have a Netgalley account, you can find it here. People interested in pre-ordering copies can do so here.

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