New Anthology

There’s a new short story anthology coming out later in the year and I’m one of the contributors.

Great Plains Publications is a Canadian publisher that has been putting out great local work for years. Now as part of their ongoing tradition, they are releasing the latest edition an anthology that puts the spotlight squarely on Canadian speculative genre authors.

Darren Ridgely and Adam Petrash helmed the previous anthology, Parallel Prairies, which had the same guiding principles. Get some Canadian speculative talent together, but put the focus on that not-so-heavily-covered area of Canadian weirdness, the prairies. However, where Parallel Prairies kept the stories focused on the province of Manitoba, the new anthology has opened up to any current or former resident of the so-called “prairie provinces.” As someone that grew up in the wintery streets of Edmonton, Alberta, I definitely qualify, even though it’s under the “former” category.

So keep a look out for Alternate Plains, releasing in October 2021. It’s going to be chock full of that wide open prairie weirdness. It even includes a story from my fellow agency and publishing sibling, Premee Mohamed, who’s star is in crazy ascension right now, and is definitely a writer you should be reading.

I’m also pleasantly baffled to see that the image on Alternate Plains is actually a direct reference to my story! I have no idea what sacrifice I accidentally made to the publishing gods to get that to swing my way, but I’ll take it. I won’t give away how or why that image is related to my story, but I will, as a resident of Alberta, say this.

Vegreville is just a weird place, man.

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