New Online Panel

There was an online panel conducted over in the UK, and was somehow included. They even let me talk, which is always a mistake.

Worldcon, otherwise known as the World Science Fiction Convention, is always planned years in advance. This time out, one of the cities that’s competing for selection of the event is Glasgow in Scotland. Thus, the Glasgow In 2024 initiative is already underway to convince the world that for 2024, this is where the event should be held.

One of the things they’re doing to prove just how serious they are is showing how they can already handle events, even online. One of those online events was a panel featuring the authors of Solaris Satellites series, which is three novellas put out this year. The authors participating in the talk were of course, me, Edmonton, Alberta Wunderkind Premee Mohamed, and Ottawa/Gatineau fence sitter Derek K√ľnsken.

The online panel talked about our novellas in particular, writing in general, and, in a turn I never saw coming, Canadian eccentricities like bagged milk. A topic, apparently, that none of us could leave alone. If you’re interested in watching the video, it’s right here:

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