The Chimera Code eBook Is On Sale!

My science fiction, cyberpunk, sorcery mash-up, The Chimera Code, is now on sale for… Less than whatever is the base unit of currency in your country!

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Why can’t mages fight cyborgs with magic swords,” then I took a few hundred pages to answer your burning question. AND AT THIS PRICE?!

Id Buy That For A Dollar GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

I myself have found many a fantastic book by getting suckered into “It’s less than a buck, dude” sales, so now your chance to do the same. You can find The Chimera Code for sale at all the usual suspects:

Rebellion Publishing

Amazon USA

Amazon Canada

Amazon UK

Kobo Canada

Google Play Books

So if you’ve got more coins than you know what to do with burning a hole in your pocket, then just do what I do. See that something is on sale and compulsively buy it, as the word SALE overrides any financial common sense you’ve managed to hold onto! My book is now less than that cup of latte you wanted to buy, but still more expensive than a single piece of white rabbit candy and hey, who buys just one of those?

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